Now is the winter of our discontents

Like JoJo, Lizzie, Lisa M, Kiiva, Becky M, Kate, and Alex, I let out a hearty AH YES! at Coco’s perfect articulation of the jumble of rage my brain becomes when using discovery. Yes, it is convenient, but for “known item searches,” it is problematic at best and evil at worst. But Coco gets to the heart of the matter when he says that we need to be able to exactingly contrast Google and discovery, and to educate students who want to use discovery like Google about why it won’t work — or, at best, won’t work as well — for some searches. And Coco’s point that discovery does work well for “citation chasing” and bypassing required knowledge of which database (or database classification) to search — the lack of which is common in undergrads and necessary for cross-discipline research — illustrates that, like most hate, mine is completely personal and irrational.